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How God Delivered All.

"Impactful and Outstanding!"


"A great book of faith!"

"Couldn't Put it Down!"

"Getting Right with God!"

Julia Wilson -

The Stepper: God’s Relentless Pursuit by Jerrad Hardin – wow what a beautiful, beautiful book about love and life and a God who relentlessly pursues us. The Stepper is a work that will really soothe your soul as you read about the beautiful relationship that the author had with his grandfather.

Jerrad Hardin’s grandfather was full of life and love and humor. He taught the author many life lessons. A diagnosis of lung cancer did not get him down. It merely gave him time to spread his love wider and deeper. The author however battled to see God. “If God is there, why is this wretched disease here?”

Many meaningful conversations happened. I loved the description of death. “ ‘Maybe it’s [death] like turning off a light.’ ‘No, Grandpa, death is when the light turns on.’ “

Like many, Jerrad Hardin had no time for God. He actually spent his time actively running away. “Had I … glimpse[d] over my shoulder, I would have noticed God running after me.” What a beautiful image that conjures up… God runs after us.

What believers see as God instances, Jerrad Hardin dismissed as coincidences. There was no place for God in his life. “I had been running away from Him [God] for years.” Fortunately God does not give up so easily. “Ever since I took my first step away from God, He followed me in a relentless pursuit.” Unable and unwilling to keep on running, the author issued God an ultimatum – to show Himself to be real – what happened next was truly amazing – and you must read the book to find out.

The Stepper is a work of great beauty. Love shines from its pages. I am left feeling calm and peaceful.

I urge you to pick up The Stepper today and let the peace of God invade your soul.

I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




Jerrad Hardin is a husband, father, coach, author, guest speaker, and follower of God. 

In 2016, God clearly proved His existence to Jerrad. He did so when challenged after the death of Jerrad's grandfather.  He did so in a way that made it impossible for Jerrad to continue denying Him. 

Today, Jerrad lives in Northwest Arkansas with his family. When not chasing after his litt.e ones, he's writing, helping others,  thanking God for the many blessings in his life, and sharing his 444 experience.

If interested in hosting Jerrad to hear his personal testimony and story, please contact us here:

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Free For a Limited Time

Free For a Limited Time

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Free For a Limited Time


In Loving Memory 

Norman Earl Hardin  


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