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Catching Faith

The Story

Have you ever questioned your Faith in God? 


Prior to June 10, 2016, I had stopped believing in God.

Angrily, I challenged Him to Prove His Existence.


He Answered. Loudly. Clearly.


My remarkable story is a testimony of God's Relentless and Unwavering Love for Us. How he proved to me that His Promises are True. How He changed me from a cynical skeptic to a Passionate Believer. 

Despite my reluctance to share my private accounts, God has asked me to do so. Admittedly, I am an Unlikely Messenger, however God has been persistent with me about this.


Please learn more about my true accounts by clicking the link below. Should you be interested in hearing my testimony about these events, I would love the opportunity to share it with your church or group. 

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Schedule Jerrad

Jerrad would love the opportunity to speak at your church or to your group. Please contact us for details and to schedule a time. Jerrad only takes donations and returns a portion back to each group who brings him in. Email today to learn how to bring Jerrad's life-changing message to your community.



Please email me with any questions.

To inquire about Jerrad speaking at your church or with your group, please indicate that request by using the word "BOOKING" in the Subject Line. 

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