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Contact for Availability:

Speaking Fee:


Donations Only - with 25% of the total amount donated going back to the organization booking the event.



45-60 Minutes


Jerrad will be delivering a strong testimonial  with the following messages:

  • God seeks to change people and invite them into the Kingdom.

  • God proves his existence and communicates with us.

  • God comforts in times when we need it the most.

  • God indeed answers our prayers.

A Quick Note from Jerrad:

First of all thank you for viewing this material and considering my testimonial for your group.  I am deeply humbled and honored for the potential opportunity to share my experience.

I'm just a normal guy who was living a comfortable life doing what I wanted to do and enjoying the private life my wife and I had carved out in Northwest Arkansas for our family. Then God, who had been chasing me for some time, asked me to share my incredible experience with others. At first, I felt an "unlikely" messenger - completely unworthy and unprepared for what he was asking me to do. 

After receiving additional affirmation and visiting with my pastor, I prayed for 30 days asking for more clarity. God delivered, and confirmed His wishes for me. I've chosen the path He prepared for me, and despite my reservations, I am doing what God has asked me to do.

I make no claims about being the most electric motivational speaker you'll ever meet, nor do I proclaim to have lessons or a well-crafted sermon to deliver, but what I do have is a genuine-authentic-real account of how God changed my life. And, if He can reach me, catch me, use me, then he can do that to anyone. 

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and share my testimonial with your group. Please use the form below to contact me so that I can get you on the schedule today.

Schedule Jerrad

Jerrad would love the opportunity to speak at your church or with your group. Please contact us for details and to schedule a time. Jerrad only takes donations and returns 25% back to each group who brings him in. Email today to learn how to bring Jerrad's life-changing message to your community.



Please email me with any questions.

To inquire about Jerrad speaking to your church or group, please indicate that request by using the word "BOOKING" in the Subject Line. 

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